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Up for sale is a wonderful sounding Mu-Tron Bi-Phase with the C-100 Optical Pot Pedal+ Overlays. This unit was professionally serviced by my repair shop “Synth Tailor Electronics”

Restorations done:

-Ribbon Cable Assembly installed with machined sockets (way easier to disassemble now)

-Cleaned up cosmetics (restored color for All knobs/switch caps

-Rebuilt Power Supply

-Replaced Faulty/failing electrolytic capacitors

-Rebuilt all Potentiometers (Re-Greased+Cleaned)

-Full Calibration

Unit comes with my standard one year warranty and that covers any electronic faults that happen after you buy it (Excludes client repairs/mods/work done by anyone that opens up the unit, damage done by Shipping Carriers, etc.)

MU-TRON BI-PHASE +C-100 Swell Pedal

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