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Rates and Invoices

Rates are $120 per hour. Repairs are billed in 1/4 hour increments. Shop minimum is one hour. Deposit is $120 and is non refundable (goes towards first hour of repair)
Deposit goes towards first hour of labor and parts, anything over two hours will be given a formal estimate. On most repairs, the minimum charge is at least 1-2 hours, unless very quick fix.
On Site Repair is $200 for the first hour, $150 each additional hour. Mileage/Travel will need to be paid for anything past 15 miles outside of Columbus, Ohio. (If repairs are at a recording studio, and is a big job, message me for a discounted rate, anything that takes more than 4 hours)

Billing and Invoicing is sent via Email. Payments accepted: Cash, Venmo, Square, Cash App or Credit Card is accepted. If paying by credit card a 3.7% fee will be added to your invoice. 
Repairs not picked up within 2 weeks upon completion of repair (unless arrangements are made prior), will be charged a weekly housing fee of $40 per week. Make arrangements before the unit is finished, to avoid these storage fees!

Let’s Work Together

 Text or Call to start the repair process  (330) 858-3785

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